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Greetings :)

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Hello all. My name is Arsh. I'm a late-20's Mom of one lovely little lady and I live in the US, in the South. I've always loved good cooking and I adore experiementing with various cuisines from around the world. I love Asian cuisine and want to expand in many directions. I'm a borderline vegetarian but I still eat meat at this point in my life. I say borderline because I usually could do without the meat portion entirely and rarely does a dish really *require* meat for me to be satisfied but my wifey is a carnivore, so I mostly haven't shifted away from meat as of yet. 

I'm disabled, so a lot of intensive cooking isn't always possible (I have MS, so good days and bad days) but with my Sous chef--I mean sister around, I tend to make some sizeable meals to feed our 6-person household. 

I have lately been wondering some things about salt and sugar reduction, retraining tastebuds, healthier cooking methods, and I have a little thought burrowing about in my head right now about taste usage in cooking that I want desperately to discuss with others who might have a clue what I'm talking about... So I'll go start a thread now. :)

Thanks for having me here! :)

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Welcome! I'm new as well, and also vegetarian going vegan.

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welcome to you both @Arshness and @JLomb

you might like these links here at CT


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started on 11/15/11 last post 06/07/13 at 9:23pm 128 replies 4609 views


... if you guys have any questions, just let us know



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