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Hello Everyone ,


I am from the USA and now living Antwerpen Belgium , I will be opening a unique restaurant in the Antwerpen area, a high end Asian fusion restaurant.


ensure that quality culinary dishes are served on schedule and to see that any problems that arise are rectified. As such, the executive chef is responsible for approving all prepared food items that leave his or her kitchen.

When the restaurant is not occupied with actively serving patrons, as in between meal times, the executive chef is expected to modify and create new menus as needed so that they remain effective for the purposes for the restaurant or other establishment. The executive chef may also be called upon to use this time to create a wide variety of new dishes for his or her kitchen. In addition, the head chef also performs many administrative duties, including ordering supplies and reporting to the head of the establishment.


Starting salary will depend on experience.


Kind Regards ,


John Rothschild