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I found a healthy pancake recipe in a WebMD magazine. I tried making it today and I think it needs revision. The problem is it cooks fine like a pancake on the outside but no matter how long, or dark, the outside caramelizes, the inside stays mushy and seems uncooked at all.


The cottage cheese may be keeping it creamy, but I am worried that the eggs are left uncooked in there. How can I change or do something so that it cooks all the way through with a pancakey texture?

the recipe:


High-Protein Chocolate-Chip Pancakes

   1½  cups nonfat cottage cheese
  4  eggs, lightly beaten
  ¼  tsp vanilla extract
  1  tsp orange zest (optional)
  1  tbsp sugar
  ½  cup whole wheat pastry flour
  2  tbsp chocolate chips


Thank you