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Hello everyone ,

I'm new here and I'm desperate for help with something...

I'm catering a event this weekend and I have so many things to prepare that I need to start early and freeze some of the trays.

I don't know how to freeze Sausage & Peppers with out the peppers going soggy....

I need to make this tonight to be used this coming Sunday...

Can someone please post telling me how I can do this ASAP? PLEASE......

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when the frozen peppers thaw they will be soggy.  there is no 'other' - there is no 'sprinkle with fairy dust' and they won't go soggy.


freeze the rest - add the pepper after the thaw.

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I thought so...

Can I cook the sausage 3/4 of the way now and freeze it ? then add the peppers and onions when I'm ready to heat and finish cooking for the event?

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yup.  that'll work.


the sausage will need to be held at 250-275'F for 20 minutes or so to 'finish' the cook.

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Thank you sooooooooo much !

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