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Which Chef Knife and Why?

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I am trying to decide between two 300mm yanagiba.


1. Keijiro Doi (around $430 US)


2. Gesshin Hide (around $490 US)


Choice and reason(s) please.


PS I already have a Tanaka 300mm, but just covet one of the other two, for no rational reason whatsoever..

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The Doi, the man isn't making anymore :)

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Originally Posted by simar View Post

The Doi, the man isn't making anymore :)

That is correct, he has retired, but evidently dealers and distributors have been hoarding them for years, so they will trickle out for some time to come.


I have changed my mind, anyway, and will now wait for the Korin Annual Summer Sale, and get a Masamoto KA Series 300mm Yanagiba.


Thanks for the reply. I thought the thread would join the ones which never get a response.



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