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Netherlands: "Working Advice"

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Hy guys,


For those of you who have experience working in a professional kitchen in the Netherlands, you´re advice is much appreciated.

Regarding general tips and facts I should be aware of.


My profile:

EU Citizen

Moving to Rotterdam

Experience... Commis-Chef 1 year,  Demi-Chef  -/+4 months (in fine-dinning)



My main questions are about:


Wages, whats the ballpark for a newbie with 40h a week?

(€1,100 after tax is my guess after the numbers I found)


SVH Certificate, do I need it to get a job or after? Can it be done in English? Price?

(Found these places to do it



What else I should look into?

Off Topic, is birth certificate really important for bureaucracy matters?

(People who lived there tell me to "really" bring it)


I also found the CAO site




Thank you in advance.

Wish you a great day!!

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well since I live in netherlands I thought to give this a go.

first of all.


you need a WORK PERMIT.

check your INSURANCE. 

finding housing is not easy. 


I was surprised to see you mention commis, demi-chef (wow that was quick) and then call yourself a newbie.

anyways, over here when you start in a kitchen, you usually start working as a line cook.

garde-manger work until you've proven yourself.

have you got any provenance of your former working places? names, references?

your diplomas (if you've got any) usually are not valid over here.  what schools have you been?


should all be on your resume : your birth names, birthplace, what schools you've been to (diploma or not, what year), work experience (where, what function, dates starting/ ending) together with a short description of who you are, your positive characteristics, further memberships of interest (job related), what languages you speak.


if you're wanting to come and move to rotterdam.

EU citizen doesn't say anything. What country are you from???

can you speak dutch yet? taking a course is a good idea. our government expects so from any immigrant.


you won't need an svh diploma at all but its highly recommended….but no hurry.

you can do that later.

plenty people working in the trade without. just makes it easier to get a job sometime. depends where you want to work.


thats it for now.

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