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Need Job Advice

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I just received a cook position at a luxury hotel and resort and I've never had any sort of professional training. I'm feeling a bit stressed, orientation week starts next week and I feel as if I bit off more than I can chew.


I've never made servings larger than for 5 people and I'll be starting out at the hotel's buffet cooking. I've only cooked at home and personally picked up stuff from being around other chefs. I impressed the Chefs at the hotel some how and they offered me the position immediately.


Any tips on what I should cover before starting or what to expect? All I know is that kitchen is extremely busy and hectic and this kitchen serves about 4 different restaurants in the hotel.




- Jinxbrand

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You are nervous. That's good. That means you will be alert.  You'll be cooking, not leading. meaning you will be given instructions, not expected to create and figure too much out. They gave you the job because they see you are punctual, hardworking and pay attention, not because they won't have to tell you anything. Just keep doing what you already do. 

As for quantities, remember that more people simply requires more and larger equipment like sheet pans and hotel pans, designed to hold enough food for more than a couple of servings. After a week or two it will all make a lot more sense. In a month or two, you won't remember what you were nervous about. Oh, and Congratulations. 

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Congratulations! Take a deep breath and just cook. Do exactly what got you in the door and you'll be fine. Best wishes to you!
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Work out what you're likely to be cooking, research and practice at home prior perhaps? Least then you'll have some basic knowledge and won't be entirely blank faced when you are asked to do something. Grats, you nailed it - hope it works out (:

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