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Many of us here love teqhinque. Any "how to" thread at CT will usually get you really solid recommondations and advice on how to execute any number of dishes. Doing things "right" is really important to many of us.

A conversation with a customer got me obessesing over aligot, the french potato and cheese dish that hinges on doing everything "wrong" when making a "good" pomme puree.

What "mistakes" have you run into that have yeilded interesting possibilities? Many times a small error can ruin a dish, but exagerating that error can spin into brand new opprotunities.
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[IMG ALT=""]http://www.cheftalk.com/content/type/61/id/96887/width/350/height/700[/IMG Not the best picture, but just to riff on the idea. This is a salad I made the other night. You can see some glistening, thread like strands scattered about. This is gin. I was making a fluid gel and must have gone bonkers on the amount of agar agar. The gel was as solid as a bar of soap. Rather than melting it down and thinning it out, I took a microplane to it and used it as you see. Really great addition, I like it so much I used the idea the next day at the restaurant. After the fact, I learned that Wyle Dufrense has been doing this for ages. Doesn't diminish how pleased I was!