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My Top 3 Cooking Kinves

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Hello Guys here's a little post about my 3 favourite Kives, Tell me what do you think :


A mainstay in my collection for many years, the Wüsthof Classic 7-Inch Hollow-Ground Santoku has a lighter, thinner blade than the Misono with a more recessed bolster, making it a good choice for a small-handed cook who wants precision but doesn't need anything too heavy duty. The granton edge—the shallow divots cut into the blade—help prevent some foods (like thick slices of potato or carrot) from sticking, though honestly, I've never found it to be an essential feature.

One drawback of the granton edge: if you are a heavy knife user and sharpen it regularly, you'll eventually grind the blade down to where the divots start, which doesn't prevent you from getting a good edge, but will make the blade a little less durable.


The Misono UX10 8.2-Inch Gyutou is the cream of the crop with an extremely sharp edge out of the box. High-quality Swedish steel treated to a Rockwell hardness rating of 59-60 means that this blade can get sharp, and more importantly stay sharp through repeated use.

The heavy composite wood handle is comfortable in the hand and has a slim metal bolster at the top that makes gripping the knife a pleasure. If your hands are like mine, you will not want to put this baby down.

Because this knife is more heavily beveled on one side than the other, it is not ambidextrous—make sure to get either the right-handed or left-handed model for optimal performance.


I've owned a Global G-2 8-Inch Chef's Knife for over four years now and it still gets regular use in my rotation. Its unique single-piece all metal design is a joy to hold—until your hands get greasy and it starts to slip and slide around. If you're a vegetarian and like a light, zippy knife, then you might consider the Global. If you butcher meat with any regularity, you'll want to look to the wooden-handled knives.
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The Wüsthof Classic lighter and thinner than a Misono -- come on!
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The misono is a nice knife but hardly cream of the crop. I would counter with overpriced nice knife.
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That still doesn't make it heavier or thicker than a Wüsthof.
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I never implied it was heavier or thicker than a wusthof. I was responding to the op who classified the ux10 as cream of the crop
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You're absolutely right, Chris.
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