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Hi everyone,


I would like to ask a question regarding pavlovas. How do I get a really nice white pavlova? Does the type of oven make any difference to the end result?


Thanks any answer would be appreciated.



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Mine always color ever so slightly; it's a faint eggshel-ish color.  It's barely noticeable but it's there.  I notice it less on the individual ones than on the larger ones (I do a 3" size and a larger 9" size).  I'm adding vinegar and cornstarch after the whites are whipped and while they are stark white when the shells are put in the oven, they are not stark white after baking (I bake the little ones for an hour at 230 and the bigger ones for 90 minutes) I leave them in the oven overnight.

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I always keep this in mind when I make pavlovas as during my training, my Head Chef kept harping "If you want really white pavs, leave the vanilla out!" Hope this helps..:)

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