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Help with catering

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We are about to do our first catering as a new company, and we need a bit of advice from some experienced pros.


We are doing a catering for 200 people. Our menu consists of:

pulled pork sliders (2 per person, and our cost on these is a little under $200)

Mixed fruit

Hummus and veggies

Spinach artichoke dip with crackers


I have a few questions. First, what would you all charge, on the low end, for a catering like this (there are just two of us)?

Second, about how many ounces would you suggest for a serving of fruit? How about for the dips? How many ounces veggies? How many crackers?


We are doing this at a low cost to benefit an organization we have some involvement in, so making a lot of money isn't the goal. We have figured out our cost to a degree, but we need help figuring out portions and how much veggies etc to purchase so we can better estimate our cost. We are making the dips and everything except buns and crackers from scratch.


Thanks for your help!

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Hello and welcome in.

Do you have any prior experience catering or just starting with an idea?

Costs vary individually with area,(which wasn't given)  and your own unique overhead.

There have been many discussions of this type on the board, here are a few I have saved:

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