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Just a small bakery

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I am looking for either a small bakery that has closed, or a commercial kitchen for Bakeing needs as well as classes.


It haas to be in Broward County and convenient from the east and west.


Let me know and thank you

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Hour Kitchen is your kitchen!
Hour Kitchen is a licensed shared-use commercial kitchen rental facility providing food entrepreneurs the means to prepare and process their food product for the consumer market. Our goal is to provide entrepreneurs a service that is economically superior to building or leasing their own commercial facility.

Hour Kitchen is a perfect place for:

Catering or bakery businesses that do not want the overhead of building or equipment expenses or the commitment of a long-term lease.
Production of your food product (BBQ sauce or specialty salsa, for example) to be sold to the public at flea markets, farmers market, etc.

Our kitchen spaces are available for rent by the hour on a 24/7 basis. We offer short term and long term rental based on your needs. Please contact Wendee 561-876-5957
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