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 been on here a little while, but thought should do the formal thing;

 Nic, exec/ head chef in Narbonne, France.  We are just about to open.

 900 year old ex monastery that  is being restored and turned into a residential training facility for Olympic level athletes, as well as a tourist hotel.

 We have three restaurants on site, fine dining, Outdoor grill and  athletes buffet. Plus a pizza shack and a smoothie bar.

 We are also a vineyard( which accounts for the tourists) producing 15-25k bottles of corbiere wine a year.

 Our cuisine is -for the fine dining- modernist/classical french.

 we have 54 hectares of land, with 30 of that devoted to the athletes, 10 for the wine and 15 for market garden. We have a 60 year old orchard with  120 trees producing 8 different fruits, and aim within three years to be producing all our own food. We are all organic, including the wines.

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Welcome once again.


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So glad that you're enjoying Chef Talk!

A hui hou,


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