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Vegetarian Prawn Crackers

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Hello, I'm trying to create vegetarian style prawn crackers by replacing prawns for vegetables and/or spices.


The recipes are relatively successful and produce nice decent size crackers, however after a couple of days the uncooked crackers start to crack like broken safety glass. It appears as if the crackers continue drying during storage or something in the ingredients is causing it to crystallize or break down. (see photos below)


I have tried using xanthan gum as a binding agent which helps a little with some recipes but not others. I've tried removing sugars but that doesn't make any difference either.


I experimented with a very basic recipe e.g. 60g mashed potato and 40g tapioca flour, this produced a very tough raw cracker which was hard to break and didn't break down either, however the cracker didn't expand very much when cooked in hot oil.


Here are a couple of recipes I'm playing with, the honey & mustard version breaks down the fastest.


Honey & Mustard Crackers
Tapioca flour x 120g
Honey x 12g
Mustard powder x 5g
Wasabi powder x 2g
White Pepper x 1.3g
Salt x 2.3g
curcuma powder x 1g
Water x 105g
Shiitake Mushroom & Tarragon Crackers
Tapioca flour x 120g
Mushroom powder x 7g
Tarragon    x 2g    
Coriander    x 1g    
Garlic powder x 1g
Palm Sugar x 12g 
Salt x 3g    
Black pepper x 2.5g    
Baking powder 2g    
Water x 105g



Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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I wish I had advice! I just had to tell you that I think it's genius you're even trying this. 

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Thanks for the reply. I will continue to experiment and if I find a solution I will post it here. 

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Please do. I'd like to know.

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