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Eggs benediction for a crowd

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Hi I'm a chef working in a retirement home I cook only dinners, the thing is I have a brunch where I have to make eggs Benedictine for 120 people, I am the only one in the kitchen, can anyone tell me how to do them in advance, where the yolk is still runny?
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Undercook the poached egg a bit, and immediately stop the cooking by putting them in an ice water bath for a few seconds. 


When ready to serve, dunk the poached egg in simmering water for a minute. 

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It has to be served all at the same time, I have a short amount of time to serve, so I will not have time for that
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You can reheat a lot at once. If you don't have time to reheat and don't want to serve them cold, then I suppose you could hold them in some warm water? 

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Would it be possible to make them and have them all ready, just before the service I could put them in a hot oven, on the plate they want bacon sausages baked beans 1/2 French toast , so there is a lot to put on the plate, and they want it fast
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French Fries suggestion is the easiest by far. You can cook the eggs the day before the event. Then when ready to serve, the reheat takes only 30 seconds in simmering water. Use perforated hotel pans, lower then into simmering water. 30 seconds later pull the pans up and you can have 120 orders staring you in the face if you want. Quickest way that I know of. I used that method to accomodate 1,000 guests at one event.


You can also use the muffin pan method to do them last minute and ready all at once, but plate up or buffet up it will not be as easy nor quick as the above method.

Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
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Poach them all a day before, put it in ice water.  Assemble them all on a sheet pan then reheat in the oven.  All at once.  Sauce them as they go out to the dining room.

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You really can't plate all 120 at the same time. Do you have someone to run the food? Multiple people? Can you send them by table? Is there a certain amount of people by table. I mean everyone has given you solid methods, but you really can't put that many eggs on plates on your own before they get cold or overcooked.

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We are 3 in the kitchen so I appreciate all the info, tomorrow is the brunch. As cooks all we ask for is that our clients are happy
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Good luck.

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How did it go?

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Went really good, had them all in a hotel pan, put a bit of sauce and stuck them in a very hot oven for 5 mins, plated them and added more sauce, we were 3 , one did the eggs, and the other 2 added the bacon, saussiges ect, the eggs yolks were still runny, glad it's over, relaxing now with a cold one, thanks to all for the suggestions.
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Glad it worked out.  :)

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