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FNG... from Seattle.

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I'm a woman cook, 20 years in professional kitchens, 10 of those fine dining. I LOVE cooking, still! I cook at work, I cook at home, I cook to relax and when I'm not cooking I'm watching videos about chefs or food. I do other things, but cooking is the only thing that has held my attention for this many years. I obsess and I love to...


I'm looking to chat with like-minded cooks and chefs who aren't hacks. I've been immersed in a world full of posers and wannabe reality TV stars who don't want to do the WORK. I'm frustrated. I hope I can find some folks to talk to who "GET IT". 

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Aloha, welcome to Chef Talk. You've come to the right place!

You know, nobody else gets me... You do what? You cook, you mean food?

It's like speaking a different language to some people. Let me just say, the folks here at Chef Talk, they GET you!

Take a look around and if you have any questions, post those in the Feedbck & Suggestion forum.  Now, don't rule out the Home Cook, we bring it each and every day to feed our friends and family.

I hope you are a shutter bug, pictures of the dishes that the wonderful people here at CT create are so awesome, I'd love to see some of yours too.

Once again, welcome to Chef Talk.

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