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Anybody done bitterballen?

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I recently discovered these yummy little meat croquettes and thought they'd be a fun app special to try out for the bar. I made my ragout and it's cooling in the walk-in now. 

I was wondering if any of you had experience with serving these fried little guys. I'd love to prep and panko them ahead of time rather than to order. Does anyone have experience in a high-volume setting with bitterballen? How do you pump them out of the kitchen quickly?



Dave @ Coasters Pub

Melbourne, FL

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 try some of the dutch sites, Bitterballen are very very popular in the Netherlands.


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Yeah, I've found plenty of recipes and such, just no info on 'restaurantizing' it for logistics. I'll do some experimenting.

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It's standard fare at the snack bars and especially pubs in the Netherlands

They can be deep fried from frozen and are traditionally served with some mild mustard (like a Dijon mustard)

Life is too short to drink bad wine


Life is too short to drink bad wine

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I'm dutch and work as line cook. what do you need to know

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Thanks, Soesje! I run a pub in Florida and yesterday I made about 12# of the ragout for bitterballen. We have a small kitchen and we get busy, so any prep that speeds up service ahead of time will help us get the food out faster. I don't want to roll, egg wash and bread them to order. I was considering rolling them, then flour, egg wash and then bread crumbs and then put them in the cooler or possibly freezing them.

But I don't want to freeze them if they're going to lose quality.

And I don't want to bread crumb them if they're just going to get all soggy and not fry up properly.

I can experiment all of this on my own but I was just looking for any tips that I can use to save time and keep good quality for when the orders start coming in.

Also, do you prefer regular bread crumbs or panko?


many thanks!

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its ok to roll, flour, egg and breadcrumb ahead, then freeze.

then fry from frozen.

its what we do at work. 

freezing doesn't make the balls lose quality. at. all….

actually bitterballen are nothing else than croquettes…only in round shape ;) 


don't use fresh breadcrumbs.

rather use dried …so panko would be ok if nothing else available.

we use them too sometimes.


as for time saving, the work ahead and freeze is the only thing I can recommend.

from there, its easy peasy.


have fun!

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Thanks! We just did a little production line and ended up with 200 of them. They'll be on as an appetizer special tomorrow!

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