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Here to learn; wannabe home cook

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Hi everyone. From about 1985 until 1995 I had a waterfront house in FL. I had a room mate who loved to spear fish. The house was a party house and we both loved cooking. The kitchen was a cooking kitchen for its era. Even had a Vulcan stove and griddle.


After that time I sold the home and either traveled for work most of the time or lived in places with lousy kitchens. My cooking skills degraded over the years.


Recently I've building up a nice outdoor cooking area. I'm a self employed web designer / salesman working out of my house now. I put in about 12 hour days frequently weekends as well. No big parties or fresh grouper anymore.


So I'm looking for ideas on how and what I can prepare during the weekend so I can put a good meal during the week. I'm hoping I can find ideas and help here. I just tripped over this forum tonight.


My food tastes are pretty much everything but comfort food. I would do well in New York City. I love sushi, a rare steak, but not so fond of over cooked meat, squashes, gravies. Last Thanksgiving I had lobster.





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Aloha, Welcome to Chef Talk Bill.

You, my friend, are in great company.  The folks here at CT share in your love of ALL things food.  Whatever your current pursuit, you’ll find plenty of like minded folk.

Chef Talk has been around for almost 15 years and has 50,000 + members from around the globe.  Everybody from CCI to people who think they can’t boil water.  A note, folks not employed in the food industries are asked to read only in the Pro forums, but they are very interesting.  The search bar is very useful in finding topics that have been around the world three times over.

I hope to see some over your successes as well as flops in the Galleries soon.

Once again, welcome.

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Thank you for the kind welcome. I'll do my best to abide by the forum protocols.

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