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Worst kitchen injury you've seen

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My chef tells this story about closing one night many moons ago with a young lady who attempted to carry a stock pot full of hot fryer oil out to the grease trap, was overwhelmed, set the pot down too hard and the oil sloshed over her entire body, head to toe. I. Can't. Even. Imagine.
When I was working at an Indian spot I was pouring some tomato curry into a bus tub and a glob splashed right into my clog, when I took my sock off the skin on the top of my foot slid off with it.
Anybody here have a harrowing tale about a commercial mixer or a Hobart slicer?
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Geez---this one could get ugly---I'll only say I've see a few that made my stomach turn.


I don't want to relive those memories.

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Knock on wood, we haven't had anything more than minor cuts or burns in our kitchen. Worst story I've heard from a cook at one of their ex-jobs was an end of night cleaning where they put boards up on top of the hot fryers so they could stand up and better clean the hood. The board slipped and you can guess what happened next.

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About 10 years ago, twas my first semester at jwu. Remember it like it was yesterday. Girl with her hair down making bread in an 80qt Hobart. Pretty much ripped her entire scalp off before somebody got to the machine to shut it off. I've seen some pretty bad ones, but that sticks out the most. I'll never forget that.

Another one that sticks out also involves Mixer. Kid that worked mornings would come in early and bang out all the bread for the day. For some reason he decided to try and reach in while it was running and got his hand crushed by the dough hook. Broke 7 bones in his hand.
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Commercial meat grinder.  The really big ones at large meat markets.

Guy got caught pushing with his hand, it sucked him in almost to the arm pit.


Took emergency crews forever to disassemble, with the guy leaning over the hopper.

Not at my place, saw the pictures.


If you're really into it, go to bing and type "arm caught in meat grinder", and click "videos".


Don't do this before eating or before bedtime.

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When I was in culinary school and taking pastry, one of the apprentices was showing a couple of us how to make a recipe that involved the use of one of the large, floor standing, mixers. I was about to question the safety of her method of adding flour when the mixer spoke for me. It grabbed the big mixing bowl out of her hand in a flash and crumpled it up like a flimsy piece of aluminum foil off a discarded TV dinner. The apprentice's eyes got real big and the room got real quiet. Luckily there was no harm no foul in this case unless of course you were the squashed and crumpled metal mixing bowl. It was a lesson not lost on anyone in the near vicinity.

Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
Wisdom comes with age, but sometimes age comes alone.
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I think the worst is when I cut my thumb to the bone on a meat slicer 6 stitches. Went back to work to be a stand up guy and the sous chef made me do the scrub down with my stitched up hand in soapy water, never did like him again. I haven't seen anything too bad other than the usual burns and cuts lots of finger tips removed by Japanese mandolines. Also seen a couple of people cut their hands real bad pressing down garbage in the trash can. Worked with a guy that dumped a pot of hot oil from the fryer on himself but he stripped so damn fast he was barely burned.
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