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Im a Grill-Man Looking to become a chef

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A little about me ,


I have been working with my family for 10 years , we started in a coffee shop and we moved up into a mini-diner . and at this moment we are extremely busy for a couple of years now (thank god) . 


Basically I'm an extremely hard worker working in a Mini-Diner / Coffeeshop /Grill  . When I work I give it 110% and I'm willing to die on the job , I never give up , I used to be weak but the years made me strong .  . My skills are getting 3-4 orders and finishing them in a few minutes non stop for hours .(please forgive me If I sound arrogant, I'm sorry)


I want to further develop my skills , I want to be a Chef , my father will retire soon and I'm trying to keep away from the Diner business



What do you recommend ? Should I spend 40,000 getting a culinary education or should I just try to find a job in a restaurant hoping a Chef will spend time on me . Now I understand nobody has time and people have personal problems,  but if I Chef did hire me I would give my spirit on the job and I don't even care about the money , I just want to learn! . 



I appreciate if you comment , THANK YOU 

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Pretty decent pitch. Sounds like you need to hone it a little,, back it up with actual accomplishments in the

field, and start presenting it to Chefs you want to work for/with, in the kind of environments and type of cuisine

you're interested in. Which BTW you didn't specify.:-)

As to the 40 grand, I personally think it'd be better spent saved up for your next restaurant adventure....

(face it--you've been pretty much in ownership all your life--its in your blood believe me.) :chef:

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If you chose the route of getting a job and learning that way I would suggest you looking at working in a hotel. A lot more areas for you to work in and get experience.

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Hey man I'm righ there with you I've been in the industry for 6 years and only since recently I've felt like I've learned anything because of the chef I work for/with and I didn't go to school but he saw the drive and passion I have for food I'm not getting paid as much b uhh t the experience is worth it but if your not going to go to school buy some good books ask a lot of questions and carry a notebook everywhere
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Do it all. Go to school, buy books, apply at the best restaurants in your area and train while at school. If you can go to f$&@ing France.
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Sounds like you have the passion and drive to succeed in this industry.  Hard work and perciverience pays off, I'm telling you.....Someone will notice you...never mind the idiots around you...stay focussed on your goals....The hard part will be finding a place that will allow you to show your skills and passion.  A strict chef will minimize what he allows his line cooks to show...."just cook the menu".....Finding a place that allows you to showcase your cooking prowess is the way to go....I've been fortunate enough to have worked in a few places that have allowed me to really expand my cooking knowledge....Best of luck to isn't an easy road.  The best scenario is one that finds you working with/under a  chef that will mentor you and allow you to show what you got.  I'd stay away from corporate creativity.....some experience in high volume, but that's about all they offer IMHO...



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Better than spending the cash on school, use it to live off while doing stages at a few different restaurants. Stay away from corporate stores. Find out what you want to cook and what kind of chef you want. Find your dream - then live it.
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^^Excellent advice.


The stage...with 40 stacks in your pocket, you can go to another country (preferably one that is an origin of your preferred cuisine).


Discipline would be tantamount to success in this situation.  Do ALL your research.  Live on the minimum possible. 


Lose yourself in all of the Learn.


Best wishes.  Choose wisely.

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