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Macaron 911

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Making Italian meringue macs and just about the time I completed my prep the phone rang.
I am the first on the list to call when the Grands are ill at school.
102 temp with sore throat which means a pedi visit for rapid strep screen.
Yep...strep throat so that means a trip to the pharmacy.
When I returned to my baking project the almond "flour" and 10X and egg white mixture has gone from thick and sticky to thick.
Never had this happen and confident it can be brought back around but do I use a bit more egg white or just a few tbl of water?

Came here first for for sure pro advice now off to search google to see what the general population has to say.

Thanks so much...
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Added a bit at a time until back to normal.

All is well.



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sorry sistah, I have no knowledge of macarons other than how to EAT them :lips:

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