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Advice on sauté station help

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During the first week Im in training to do sauté station the head chef said that I know all the dishes and doing and I can handle maybe two at a time but he said that I can't handle like 6 or 7 dish at the same time ......but can anybody give me advice simple advice that I can handle this by myself
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First off, have you ever worked a saute station before?  Second, what kind of previous experience do you have?

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Video / film your chefs at work , watch it over and over , keep asking question , practice , practice , practice
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Thank for the advice
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Practice. when I run saute I count minutes. Timing is everything. read and reread tickets. I stage pans too. depending on what I'm cooking i may put the starting ingredients in my pans and set aside until ready to fire or some dishes you can even cook to certain points and then set aside for a few minutes without letting the dish die. Refire and add finishing ingredients. experience will teach you the details on that.
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Timing and hot pans. Start with the dishes that take longest to work, get them going and put on a back burner moving onto the next longest dish, etc. if you have three tickets with the same dish on each, work three portions. I can push a filet to mid dub in less than eight and work any side in two because of screaming hot pans, have a burner going full blast with a huge stack of pans on it, or keep a stack in the oven. It takes time to figure out the order to fire everything, but I think that's key. God speed soldier.
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These are all great answers to me. Food is all about timing, understanding how every ingredient cooks is important. You need to understand how the equipment you are cooking with preforms as well. But for it really comes down to muscle memory. Some times when I am running 4+ pans at a time I find my body doing all the motions while my mind is focused on other aspects of the food. My two cents, I hope it helps. 


P.S The comment about watching videos is great advice. 

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Really watch during the slow hours too. When you get an order for something, study the technique of when you add XX and when you add YY and what it looks like, flips like, smells like, tastes like, etc. Learn every aspect about every step about about every dish so when you have 5 or 6 things working with a printer continually going, you don't get stressed and can identify what goes where and when
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Don't cook 7+ items on a high heat. And always know what you're going to do next. Use your convection oven to your advantage. Watch the other cooks. Fake till you make it

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