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new member/ salary advice

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Hey all! I found these forums in an attempt to get some advice on a job offer. I was recently offered a position as executive chef at a corporate restaurant starting at 48k a year, health, 401k, bonus. I'm a fairly young male 31y.o with just over ten years experience in kitchens, and a graduate of le cordon bleu Pasadena, CA in 2003. I am excited for the opportunity, but I just want to be sure that is a fair offer. Should I attempt to negotiate a higher offer, is my current offer fair? I would appreciate any insight on this. Thanks

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Sounds like a good deal. I often use the Cheesecake Factory as a reference point. Health insurance is worth a pretty penny so is a 401k. As you move into the more corporate world I think you'll find your pay will be structured in this way. When you figure out the total cost to the employer for benefits, 401k and the bonuses for even average performance I think you'll find it's quite a lot. Of course this depends on the hours they expect you to work.
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To me, 48k seems a LITTLE on the low side. Also depends on your bonus structure...the 401(k) and all that are nice as well. I would think mid-50's would be optimal, especially for a chain, but you must also take into account all the benefits. And like I said, if your bonus is decent and attainable, then 48k is a good start.


You might try to negotiate for 2-3k more per year, and see where that gets you. 

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Thank you guys for the response. I accepted the offer at 48k, but was able to negotiate an increase to $50,500 after 3 months. I appreciate the advice.

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