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Howdy !!

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Been in cooking my whole life . Now mostly retired and work at a small cafe. I am so happy I found this website. Always looking for word to learning more and more.

                                                       Thank you !!

                                                        Banta Baby

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Aloha partner!  Welcome to Chef Talk.

You, my friend, are in great company.  The folks here at CT share in your love of ALL things food.  Whatever your current pursuit, you’ll find plenty of like minded folk.

Chef Talk has been around for almost 15 years and has 50,000 + members from around the globe, consisting from CCI to people who think they can’t boil water.  

The search bar is very useful in finding topics that have been around the world three times over.

I hope to see some of your successes as well as flops in the Galleries soon.

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