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Brining pork chops ahead of time

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I'm going camping this weekend, and I'm tasked with grilling pork chops on Saturday night. I'm a big believer in brining, so I'd like to brine the chops ahead of time.

The problem is that I'll be leaving my house on Friday morning, meaning I'll have to remove the pork chops from the brine Friday morning at the latest, and probably Thursday night. Is it safe and effective to brine pork chops on Thursday night and not grill then until Saturday night, storing them in a cooler for most of that time? Maybe storing them in separate plastic bags would help?

Any advice and recommendations would be GREATLY appreciated.


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The place I work for brines the chops for the week for 18 hours and then we cyrovac them. I would brine for desired time, remove, pat dry, and hold in a zip lock with all air removed.
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That's exactly what I was thinking of doing - do you think it's ok if there's some air in the ziplocs? I don't have fancy equipment to remove the air, so while I should be able to get most of it out, I won't be able to shrink rap it.

Also, I was thinking of one chop per ziplock - does that make sense?



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I would think storing them together would be fine. In fact the mass should in theory keep them colder one they get cold. You're looking at 36 hours in a cooler, as long as you maintain temp you'll be fine. I've certainly done MUCH worse in terms of food safety while camping and been fine.
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Hmm, all the chops in one bag, that's interesting. Do you think they would get mushy stored that way?

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Have you thought of this......

Dry Brining
By phatch Posted 3123 views 4 comments

You could just prep Friday nite, bag and bury in ice and enjoy juicy well seasoned chops Saturday nite.

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Not as long as you're sure to pat them dry upon removal from the brine
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That's a great idea. I think that may be the winner.

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