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I want to start off by saying that I have recently given my formal notice to a well known restaurant in my state wu a well known chef. I am leaving because as a full time line cook the hours range from 33-37, as we are not open on the weekends. This made it difficult to save any money. The other problem is that this restaurant is not busy and never has been since I started a year ago. Never any buzz or action. It's run by larger company who happens to own the building.... so will never close. I have given my 2 weeks and accepted a job at a place much less organized and clean as far as other cooks working habits. I had an interview and during my trail I was asked to create an entree and a desert with any products in the display my skill level. I did this and I believe I impressed them. They gave me the job and ai think I may have taken it out of haste, I feel as though I could have picked a better restaurant to work for. I now have agreed to work at this place and can not stop thinking about the fact that i may have made a bad choice that I will pick up bad habits and become lazy. I guess what I'm looking for is somone to tell me that there is potential for me to change the habits and bring my own. I am resting on my knowledge of the sous chefs soon departure to help me feel confident that I may be the person to replace him. This restaurant is BUSY....cluttered and chaotic....but busy