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Hello from France

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Glad to be here

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Aloha, Welcome Billy
Where was it that you moved from? Where in France are you located now? What a beautiful corner of the World!
I'm sure that you've already found that Chef Talk is comprised of many different types of folks who either just like food or are Professionals. Those of us who are not employed in the food industry are asked to read only in the Pro forums, but it is fun to peak in on them.
Should you have any questions in regards to the site itself, post those in the Feedback and Suggestion forum.
There are many generous people here, I hope that you will participate often here, as well as on Face Book and Pinterest.
Once again, welcome.
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   Well I located from Cardiff in Wales to come to France, but I had bought the house which is a 17th Century converted Barn as a holiday home some years before retiring from my job, I decided to retire at 59 so that my wife and I could enjoy life for a few extra years, the house we have in France is quite large and has a good bit of land because we have six children and seven grandchildren so my projects have been things like building tree houses and play areas etc.So the family have somewhere nice to come and visit.We are located bang in the centre of France 10 kilometeres from a town called La Chatre in the department of the Indre  where we have good weather but loads of forests and greenery also it is still very French with hardly any english spoken.These days we tend to spend half our time in France and the rest of the time in our Spanish home in the south of Spain so our kids have another choice of holidays if they wish, My wife is a very good cookj having had a catering company when she was working unfortunately I was an Engineer by profession so cooking to me was totally recipe based and it was only when I retired that I started to experiment, as you probably know we have some of the finest restaurants in the world around us and it is fun trying to re create some of the fantastic dishes they serve up here in France, I think it is a lifetimes job , as an example I was at a restaurant the other day and the first course was a snail, vegatable and garlic pot with a fine butter crust on top , in other words a snail pie, where else but in France, still keeps life interesting




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WOW, that's some journey!

Well, welcome once again, do join in, maybe you could share some of your restaurant experiences in some the threads...


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@billy10 whatever you decide to do, please visit all of us as often as you can and share in all things food.

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