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Fresh Fries using oven and fryer?

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Hello,  I am looking at moving from frozen to fresh fries.  My problem is that the kitchen is really small and can only fit one fryer in it.  I do have two big blodgett deck pizza ovens.  Has anyone had any success of making fresh fries that are first baked, cooled, and then fried to order?


Thank you in advance.

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First off welcome to Cheftalk........

You may find the answer to your question in the forum file search engine......but......


If you choose to go the route of fresh fries but you have limited space and fryers the best way to achieve a great product would be to flash fry your fries earlier in the day during prep and hold them for service so when an order comes up, simply drop the order in the fryer to finish and crisp them up.

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I did search but didn't not find the info I was looking for. I would like to use the ovens for the initial cooking since I can fit a lot of fries at once in it.

My kitchen is really small but we push a lot of food out of there. Over the past year we have moved to almost everything being fresh and fries are the last big thing left to switch.
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I don't think you will see a huge improvement in quality if you are starting with a quality frozen product.

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I am looking for improved quality and faster ticket times.
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Don't think you will see faster ticket times. You can prestage and thaw frozen fries so they cook faster. Did it when I worked at a fast food place. Before lunch rush we set up a rack with loaded baskets that were thawed by the time we needed them.

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I would like to step in here to help but the circumstances you describe make it difficult.

You say you want to use fresh potatoes to make fries instead of frozen.

Great idea but in order to get the best product from the ingredients it is necessary to be realistic about this as well.



With limited space you may find that making fries from fresh may not be possible.


The use of an oven for initially cooking the fries can be tricky.

First they fresh cut fries need to be coated with oil so they won't discolor, then placed in the oven to bake partially.

Will someone be there to take them out of the oven at the crucial moment so those fries will not be mushy or overcooked? 

Those fries need to go on a tray to cool, then as orders come in you'd be popping an order or orders into the fryer to crisp them.

Sound like a lot of unnecessary steps for you or your crew.


Alternately the idea of pre-frying the potatoes earlier in the day might be something to look in to. The fries are cut and placed in cold water.

Batches are strained well then blanched in the hot oil, then placed on a pan to cool as before. This is something that could be done as prep each day.

In places I've worked we devoted a dishwasher to cutting the fries. The prep sink was filled with fries in ice water. That was morning prep.

Late morning we had a line cook blanching fries and placing them on paper lined sheet pans on a rack. The rack stayed in the cooler all through service. It worked out well. Consider that using an oven may not give you the quality you want.


You may find that for expedience, space and consistency frozen fries may be your best option. Good luck.

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I am of the opinion that making something yourself if almost always superior to buying something frozen and serving it. 


That being said, french fries are one of the few exceptions. Yes, if you cut, soak, blanch, cool and re-fry your house made fries perfectly, then they will be better than frozen fries. However, I would much, much rather have a good, solid, crispy frozen fry than a soggy, limp, bad house made fry.


There are very few places that get the fresh fries right. They are seldom crispy, often overcooked, and just generally inconsistent. 


I would stick with your frozen fries, unless you are 100% sure you will turn out a better product, which I think is unlikely given your limitations in space, time, and staff.


Remember, you also have to peel, cut, soak, and store the fries. That can take up valuable walk in space, especially in a small kitchen. 


Again, normally I would not recommend using a frozen, pre made product, but fries are one of the few exceptions. Assuming you get good frozen fries, which there is a range of quality. 

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One of the best frozen fries I have had came from Scwans Foods, not sure if they have bulk food service bags but worth a call

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