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Need help adding essentials to my knife bag, moving to new city

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I am set on knives just making sure I'll have all the tools and extra stuff I need. I have shears, honer, small offset spat, fish spat, standard microplane. I need recommendations on fish pliers vs tweezers and other stuff that will help me be fast and efficient in a new kitchen environment. What kind of stuff do you guys keep in yours?
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Japanese Mandolin, spoons for saucing and plating, meat fork, cake tester, plating tweezers, small rubber spat for deli cups, bowl scraper (white plastic, for scooping knife work from your board), small strainer for citrus juice, citrus reamer, small peugeot pepper grinder, spring loaded needle nose pliers, measuring spoons. 


Where are you moving to, what type of restaurant are you going to be working in?

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Moving to Denver. Just want to have all my bases covered. Don't want to have to ask for something to use if it should already be in my bag.
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Spoons and a small meat fork (6-8"). I also keep garnish tweasers in my pen holder on my sleeve, I use those damn things for everything but garnishing. The meat fork can do anything tongs can but cleaner and more efficiently. J.B. Prince has all these goodies.
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Oh yeah, and a peeler (duh)
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Yeah Jb prince rocks, I'd recommend a gray kunz sauce spoon, it'll make you look the part in fine dining. Also they have nice draining serving spoons on JB prince one of those is nice to have. Don't forget sharpies. Pair of tongs you're comfortable with if you're going to a slam it out place.
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Can you elaborate a bit on the meat fork? I've never used one other than carving.
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Angle it sideways with a sizzle platter between the two tongs and it's like a perfect handle that can hold any weight. Use it to turn anything, STEAKS, FISH, scallops, anything and the puncture marks are invisible. Twirl noodles on the fork and plate. Stabbing coworkers. Prying delis and deli lids apart. The list goes on. I stand by what I say, I can do anything anyone can do with tongs faster and better with a fork.
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And I'm not talking about a big carving fork, I'm talking about the smallest 6", that every major German knife company, and many other specialty cooking brands make.
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I LOVE my carving fork. I use it much the same way as you do alaminute. I can tell you cook with finesse :)


You will still get people that will tell you that puncturing the meat with a fork will "let out all the juices." Bunk. Don't listen to that anyone. 


I use a palatte knife sometimes too, just cause I want to look like all those old school master chefs on Great Chef's of the World. If the frogs use it, so will I :)


I personally wouldn't use it for fish (just my fish spat or palatte), but for a pan-roasted meat or pasta or something like that, I'm in. 

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Right?! Chefs of the world was classic!, practically ran out and bought an au nain after I watched this ancient French dude flipping scallops like magic, and a gorgeous drunk smile. You totally nailed it.
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I.carry al those tools.mentioned above they are great, also a ring cutter set, u know the ones that sit insode each other from smallest to largest, i always find a certain 2 or 3 can be.handy for things.. just dont lend them out and wash them yourself or your set wont be a full set anymore haha
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