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Probably a no brainer but I want to be sure!

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Hey, so I have to cook for a lot of people tomorrow and I wanted to start the pasta tonight and shock it so I wouldn't have to spend a lot of time trying to get it done tomorrow. However, it is gluten free pasta, because we do have someone that has a big allergy. Is it a big deal if I shock gluten free pasta, or does it really make no difference? I'm sure I have nothing to worry about, but I want to be sure. Please let me know ASAP!
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Is everyone your cooking for have a gluten intolarance? If not then I would suggest doing regular pasta for the masses and doing the gluten free stuff for the peop[e who need it. Reasons, taste, quality, cost. Also what cut of pasta, how much and how will you reheat it for service?
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I have a lot, it's spaghetti, and I was gonna just boil for a couple minutes to reheat
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Not ideal at all to be honest, spaghetti clumps so make sure to cool quickly and completly. Give it a good coating of oil to keep it from sticking and store it tightly covered. you will want to undercook it a bit so its not over cooked when you reheat it. honestly ive have only used short cut gluten free pasta|, ie penne, and have always cooked it the same day, it does hold well for a couple hours warm with a bit of nutrel oil coating it. I will serve spaghetti Bolognese tomorrow for appx 1000 but I have the capasity to cook it in large batches as I need it, hate doing spaghetti ahead. hope it was some help.
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It was helpful, thank you. I'd rather not cook spaghetti ahead of time either, but unfortunately I have to work all day today and have very little time to cook my food beforehand, so I needed to cook the night before, plus the other short cut pasta, there wasn't enough for the amount of people I was cooking for. I did do everything you said, like shocking and storing it, and added a bit of olive oil. I think I made the best of the situation
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