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Knife recomedations

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Hello my husband is a Chef and I am looking to surprise him with some new knifes and knife bag, any suggestion's?

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That is a really broad question that we couldn't possible begin to answer based on the information you have given. 


What types of knives does he like? German, Japanese? 


A knife is a very personal thing, some people like large knives, some heavy knives, light knives, thin, etc. 


What is your budget? You can get a great knife in any price range, but you could spend a thousand bucks on a knife easily if you wanted to. 


As for a knife bag, can't go wrong with a Koobi Kit. 

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Yeah this is a tough one to answer because knives are so personal. Does he own any knives yet? If not than I'd say to start with a chef knife or gyoto(8-10"). If he already has one than maybe a utility knife(6-7"), than serrated, or a fish knife. Wustoff makes great knives topping out at around $100. Japanese knives are more expensive and require more care but are sharper, and quite frankly prettier. Masahiro, Takeda, sugimoto, misono, Takayuki, and makusta are all superb. Ultimate chef makes sweet bags. Like we said- kind of a broad question.
But hey your husband sounds like a really lucky fellow to have such a considerate wife, the best of luck.
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Not something you can go out and pick for him, like a shirt or a pocket fisherman.

IMO, you need to find a way to find out which knife or set he already

wants. Cuz every chef, regardless of what he or she already has, has

a knife or two or a set that they dream of owning.


How you can go about finding that out without tipping him off what you're

up to....well that's the trick, and something you'll have to figger out.

I might suggest off the top that you talk privately with those he works

with--they would likely have discussed knives with him at some point.

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I would get your hubby a gift certificate or something equal to the shop in question and there are many on this site to pick from so he can enjoy your gift and get what he wants. You will be da bomb with this.

The two most common things in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity !
The two most common things in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity !
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Shun, because they're the sexiest looking knives in the mid-range knife market. They're of comparable quality to everything else in that range, but as a gift I think they will be by far the coolest looking. You can pick them up at most stores like Bed Bath and Beyond.


Personally I love global a lot of people don't like the handles so you might end up with a miss.


German knifves like Henkel and Wustoff are awesome solid pieces of cutlery that require little sharpening I've dropped mine sooo many times and never broke, but they just aren't cool...

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 I know he likes Japanese knifes but has found some German knifes that he likes too. He works mainly with seafood. I like they idea of talking with his co-workers about it because I am sure he has said something to them if I'm hearing about it from him. Wife or not Chefs are married to there jobs and love of food first. my budget is about $300 - $400. I never bought knifes before so this will be a first for me. lol.... Mahalos  :)

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Hmm well, the japanese knife used for fish is a deba.


You can see a bunch of them here


From there, it's a question of steel type.  Carbon steel holds an edge better, but can rust if you don't dry it off immediately.  There's carbon steel that's clad in stainless for extra corrosion resistance, or just flat out stainless. 


My preference as a home cook is carbon steel but I don't work on a line at a restaurant. I bet in a professional environment you have to sometimes drop what you're doing and help with something else, so maybe stainless is preferred.  Depends on the cook.


Talk to his co workers for the inside scoop.  They'll know what knife he wants/needs most. 

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All these knife suggestion's look so amazing, there are so many to chose from. thanks again everyone.

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About the bag, I like the Ultimate Edge bag on Amazon very much.  It opens up in 3 pockets that open up like a book (saves space on the table).  Each of the first two are similar, they have 4 slots for bigger handle knives, a flap to separate, then 5 slots for smaller knives/tools.  The third pocket has mesh zippers on both sides for smaller tools and accessories.


It's more of a knife case than just a roll.  Maybe excessive for a couple knives to and from work.  I would recommend if he's in situations cooking on site, catering, events etc.  I have it for BBQ competitions, camping, and the vacation house where i want to bring all the tools.

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ALOHA! welcome @Chefs wife have you heard of Chef Pak Edge?

take a look at the right side bar, I've tagged a couple of things for you there

A Hui Hou, sistah!

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The gift card sounds like the best Idea.  I think very few here, professionals or otherwise, would prefer someone else picking out their knives.  Chefknivestogo is a very highly respected site here, and they offer a very large and eclectic variety.



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