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Shrimp croquettes

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Shrimp croquettes made with North-Sea shrimp


These croquettes are a typical dish from country and an all-time favorite. They are made with brown shrimp from the North-Sea. It really has to be made with unpeeled shrimp; the heads and shells will give a stunning taste to these croquettes. Can you use other shrimp? Maybe, just try it out. The base of these croquettes is a thick béchamel to which we will add a few egg yolks and a little gelatin to keep everything nicely together.


Start with peeling the little creatures. It's tricky and takes a looooooooooooot of time! But, it's all for a good cause...


Shrimp croquettes 1


Shrimp croquettes 2


The base of the croquettes is a béchamel, made with milk that is infused with the shrimp shells and heads. Bring to a boil shortly and leave to infuse and cool.


Shrimp croquettes 3


I make a roux with approx. 100 gr of butter, 140-160 gr of flour. Over that goes approx. 800 ml of cooled down (!!) infused milk. Don't let the roux color but do let it fry for quite a while to get rid of the flour taste. Meanwhile, soak 2 gelatin sheets in cold water and have 2 egg yolk ready.


Shrimp croquettes 4


Sieve the shrimp heads and shells from the now cooled milk and squeeze every single drop of infused milk out of there, using a spoon or whatever to push. Add this infused milk to the roux (I do this in 2 steps) and whisk until nicely smooth. Then add the egg yolks and whisk vigorously, then add the soaked gelatin sheets. Finally add the shrimp; don't go frugal, they went all in.

Spread open in a 2 cm thick layer, put some cling film on top and refrigerate overnight.


Shrimp croquettes 5


The next day; shape your croquettes. Gently put in flour first, then in beaten egg, then in breadcrumbs. Careful, they are still very  delicate and sticky; use a lot of flour on your board to work with them easier. If needed, put the shaped croquettes an hour in the freezer first, which will be very useful when rolling in egg and breadcrumb.


Shrimp croquettes 6


I had 10 of these croquettes. Two were already in the fryer while taking the above picture.


Shrimp croquettes 7


And a test... delicious! Well worth all the work. We serve these as a starter or as a snack.

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Looks delicious Chris, I remember them well !

Life is too short to drink bad wine


Life is too short to drink bad wine

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Thanks Butzy! Indeed, when you lived in Holland you must have had these too. Too bad I can't send a few to Zambezi.

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Thanks Tas, you're too kind.

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