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Jalebi Help

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So as it turns out I am having quite the difficult time trying to make jalebis.  Have been told it is pretty tricky to pull off and unfortunately I'm having trouble with getting the shape I need.  


Has anyone else here made them?


First I tried using a squeeze bottle with the batter (as advised) but there were far too many air pockets and the spirals pretty much broke apart as it hit the oil.  Decided to try using a piping bag instead to eliminate the air pockets which did help, however, i am unable to pipe into a coil without the coils breaking apart as they are frying.  I have tried piping the batter directly into the oil and have also tried piping into a submersed spider.  


Any suggestions?


Fortunately they are super tasty and have a good consistency, however, they are not very pretty to look at.


Thanks so much for your help




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First things first....huge congrats on finishing your studies.
Here the first one's on me lol. lever.gifdrinkbeer.gif

Had to do a bit of googling in order to familiarize myself with these Jalebi and all I have to say is YUM!
After you get squared away I will be asking for you to walk me thru them (just happen to have a bit of saffron stashed and those little fried coils of Heaven def look worthy of the splurge).

A couple of thoughts.
Did you rest the batter and if so was the batter cold or warm when piping.
Seems to me a homogenous well rested cool (not cold not warm) batter with a consistency much like ketchup would flow without breaking?
How about tapping the squeeze bottle a few times before starting?
May be worth trying .... might hold the batter together better by removing a zillion minuscule bubbles.
Worked a funnel cake stand at the state fair a few times and it seems that these batters are very much alike in consistency.

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