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Burnt white plates

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So, in our kitchen we have a holding oven for our white plates before they are used for service to keep them warm. It's usually kept at 50-60°C but one day, one of the kitchen staff accidentally turned the oven knob up to over 200°C (392°F). We only found out after at least half an hour and needless to say, almost all the plates on the bottom shelf were turning brown. frown.gif Has anyone encountered this situation before? Is there any way to remove heat marks off plates? Thanks in advance.
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From what you describe I have doubts re salvageability but ya nevah know......
I googled around and IMO the elbow grease factor (depending on how many plates are involved) may be more trouble (time is money yes?) than it is worth.
If you do try to rehab let me know what works.

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