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Food survey

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Hi guys!

My name is Joanna Jarosławska and I am attending University of Wrocław, Poland. Curently, I am writing my M.A. thesis about menu translations from Polish into English and I was wondering if you could help me. Namely, I have prepared a survey which has to be filled in by native speakers.


This is the survey:


I would really appreciate it, if you could fill it in. The poll consists of 20 questions and it is only about naming the dishes provided in the poll. If you have no clue how to name the dish- you just skip it, and it is also a great help for me. And remeber- there are no wrong anwers.

P.S. The last 2 questions are for me to determine the age and origin of the respondents, e.g. whether they are British or American.


Thank you for your time.



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Done. :)

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Oh wow, the stuff is like nothing I have ever seen.  :)  

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I completed the survey.
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Done. Good luck.
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Oh hell, only read half of it. You got one entry with the German translations of about half of it now..., sorry.

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Thank you all very much! That's been really helpful!


If there is anyone interesting in filling in the survey I will collect the data till 31st of May.



GeneMachine- it's ok. I appreciate you wanted to help;)

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