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Fun with peanut butter low tech vs. hydrocolloid

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Fellow chef's,


I am trying to develop a technique to deep fry peanut butter.  2 failures I have had are: just freezing it and battering in a tapioca slurry-blew up in fryer.  Peanut butter fudge with the same batter also blew up in the fryer.  so low tech is not working for me. anyone have advice for a low tech solution?


My next progession is to drop some science on it.  Im thinking pliable soft gel (iota carrageenan and aple pectin), but I'm not sure with the high fat content in the PB. 


Any one out there ever attempted any thing like this? any and all advice is welcome

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Crushed corn flakes like a deep fried ice cream? If it blows up in the fryer you could at least try pan fried like a test meatball. Either that or a thiiiiiiiiick tempura batter and a steady hand slowly floating it back and forth so it creates the shell before touching a side. I think your going in the right direction, keep is posted if you figure it out.
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I'm trying to not use heavy batter on this. I want to stay true to peanut butter.  here's the deal: It's a component on a dessert that is mimicking a pint of black and tan, it starts dark with chocolate brownie and the lightens up trough peanut butter, dulce del leche and then a stout cream Chantilly.  so I'm looking for a high tech solution to keep my PB whole (think of it as a puck, we have also tried cubes).  I will post as we move through some appelations.  so far using egg has failed and tapioca slurry "batter" didn't work either. 

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I've been racking my brain on this and I've got nothing. I don't think if you hit it with a fricking gray kunz full of xantham and versawhip it'd stay together in a frier without a batter. I was following your other identical thread and I just don't know- it's kinda driving me nuts!
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Had some positive results.  I'm using lecithin right now, trying to keep it simple.  getting closer.  I think one of the other threads someone suggested using a syphon, that might do it. we are working that angle this week.  xanthan affects the texture to much.  makes it snotty.  ill figure this out if it kills me!

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Corn Starch.

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