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Fun with peanut butter low tech vs. hydrocolloid

Poll Results: high tech or low tech?

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Fellow chef's,


I am trying to develop a technique to deep fry peanut butter.  2 failures I have had are: just freezing it and battering in a tapioca slurry-blew up in fryer.  Peanut butter fudge with the same batter also blew up in the fryer.  so low tech is not working for me. anyone have advice for a low tech solution?


My next progession is to drop some science on it.  Im thinking pliable soft gel (iota carrageenan and aple pectin), but I'm not sure with the high fat content in the PB. 


Any one out there ever attempted any thing like this? any and all advice is welcome

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If it can be fried Abel is doing it.
A really nice guy check him out.

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can't find any contact for him.  suggestions?

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I would start with the magazines and journalists, he has had a ton of press.
The guy is a state fair legend (just getting booth space is rare... someone has to quit or die lol).
Think I may have a biznizz card.... I'll check.

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thanks, I can't find him on linked on or facebook and he doesn't seem to have a .com  does he have a restaurant?

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Abel is not a close personal friend.
Was introduced to him 5-6 years ago at the Texas State Fair.
We shook hands and chatted about the possibility of deep frying Shiner Bock beer ( I think it was him. it could have been someone else trying to fry beer lol drinkbeer.gif )
We def had a short conversation about the sheer awesomeness of deep fried butter.
I think he gave me a card but after a short search thru my junk drawer the possibility of still having it is slim to none.
You sent out a cry here on Chef Talk and when I think deep fry my mind turns to the fair and from there to fried butter then next Abel will come to mind and I will start feeling a sort of friendly hate for the guy that makes enough money researching deep fried whatever to live quite the luxurious lifestyle of the rich and famous .
A fairy tale story.
He may or may not have a FB page.
I cannot check that for you because I dont ( have FB).
Google the articles written about him and see if they can find him for you.
I see where his PBJ and banana sandwiches are doing well so most likely he has piddled around with those components on their own.
Good Luck!

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# OT here...

If someday you have an overwhelming urge for an October road trip check out our state fair.

Great food on a stick.

The best corn dog (IMO of course lol) that will ever cross your lips.




OBTW I read someplace (prob the 'net and we all know if it is on the www it has to be true ;) right?) that fairs have the greatest number of Heimlich maneuvers performed than any other public venues.

So remember to take small bites and chew well before swallowing, K?



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Most peanutbutter has sugar added (so this is not a savory dish) so there is no denying this is a dessert so why Tempura batter?  Personally I think if you used a donut like  pastry batter 1) it would taste better 2) it would probably actually work.  You might have to fiddle with the thickness of the batter, I assume the thicker the better it would work.


But just like deep fried ice cream, you only deep fry it for a moment 30 sec to 1 min ...  I think you may have left it in too long if it exploded anything that is frozen solid should last at least 30 seconds, because deep fried ice cream goes to chit real fast too if it is left in for a +1min.  Im just guessing you were trying to get some nice golden color on your Tempura..  Which leads me to think raising the temp on the fryer might help to golden up the outside faster.


Also don't underestimate the temp of your freezer.. big difference between frozen at 0* and 30*

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*** chit***





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it wasn't tempura.  we used tapioca slurry.  my freezer runs -10.  Maybe I should clarify a bit.  this is a component for a multi faceted dessert.  I don't want a thick crusty batter. we tried that and it didn't work with the other components.   I need a high tech solution to this problem. 

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