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Best Culinary School in NYC?

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Hello all. I have been researching all culinary schools in NYC. Any suggestions or advice on which (ICE and CIA in particular) NYC school has the best skill set and notoriety?
Thanks much!


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I've been wondering the same thing, obviously CIA is in a class of their own, but ICE and ICC (formerly FCI) are also great schools. I'm thinking of attending ICE. All depends on your budget. 

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CIA will separate you from everyone everywhere... You will also pay a premium at a tune of like  100k  to go their (Maybe more, my buddy went to johnson and wales and spent over 100k)   In our industry unless you have someone paying that amount for you, starting out as a line cook after graduation with 100k in debt is gonna ruin your life...  And if you plan on cooking in a big city plan on not being the only one around with a CIA certification.  


IMO yes CIA is amazing, is it 100k amazing... Errrrr... (Maybe..?)   The truth is I don't think anyone cares where you went if your skills back you up.  My Le Cordon Bleu merits got me no further ahead nor behind of my pal who went to Johnson and Wales, and the restaurant was ran by two guys who went to a Community College program and got a better education then I did. And spent a 1/4 of the price (yes I was jealous) 


I have worked in lots of amazing hotels and restaurants.. I have seen what it takes to get a "CHEF" position... and its hard work, dedication, and mainly having the knowledge and skills.  The knowledge and skills will come from the job, yes you would be at a slight advantage going to the CIA when you came out, but at what cost.. Regardless of where you go you will not be a "CHEF" you can be a line cook...  Realistically that is about all you can expect.. It is most important to get a job while in school and start working your way up the food chain.  No one is a chef until they are running a restaurant and that takes years of being in a btich work position, because no one is just going to fork over their restaurant to green culinary student..  IMO you need to earn your stripes, become a sous chef, and eventually become an ACF Certified Executive Chef (Hopefully my next step)  

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