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Pig Roast

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A friend is having a pig roast for her retirement party. I am helping with side dishes. The typical side dishes for a pig roast would be….? 

1. Baked beans

2. Cole slaw

3. Crudite with dips 

4. Fresh fruit

5. Potato Salad


7. ?

These seem typical but are they out dated? Are there more contemporary dishes or just these made in a new way? Any one with any favorites they would like to share? This will be held in upstate NY.

Thanks for any thoughts. 

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Coleslaw and potato salad are both made with mayonnaise.

I would either make a cabbage salad with more of a french dressing and do a potato salad, or keep the coleslaw and do another potato dish. Depending on your equipment this could be baked potatoes or pommes de terre boulangere.


Crudite sounds good, so does fresh fruit.


Baked beans wouldn't be my choice.


How about fried onions, or a fried onion tomato relish?

Bread rolls? or garlic bread?


Don't forget the sauces/relishes, mustard, maybe apple sauce (popular here, but I never understood the appeal), tzatziki?

Life is too short to drink bad wine


Life is too short to drink bad wine

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How about penne pasta mix with salsa sauce and ratatouille served cold !
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A pig roast normally is a buffet style event so I would plan accordingly depending on the number of people you are feeding.Sauces ( Make a Mild & Spicy BBQ Sauce) and have some good buns(Pretzel roll?) A lightly marinated veg salad, Potato Salad, Corn Cobs, and yes beans all work well with some fresh cut melon to just make you feel like home! Now put some home churned on the spot ice cream on there and you will be the Bomb! Now I am hungry!

The two most common things in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity !
The two most common things in the universe are hydrogen and stupidity !
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I just busted out a fat luau for the college I work for and some of are side dishes might work for you also. How about a embrosa salad or a spinach and strawberry salad. Or just cut up watermelon for easy and quick work but adds a lot of value for guests.
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Fresh veg simply prepared....corn on cob, fresh green beans with new potatos, I do a "slaw" based on well drained sourkraut ( shredded carrots minced sweet onion a bit of green sweet pepper with a sweet/sour dressing) that you have to try to believe..... almost addictive.
The pig is so rich on its own and that slaw has just the right balance of acid and the sweet background goes down nicely IMO.
Tip....wrap the setups in a terry kitchen towels and tie with twine.
Nice rustic touch and will save untold amt of paper napkins.
Drinks iced down in galvanized wash tubs....
For dessert big chunks of brownies and huge cookies.
Simple is def in.


How could I forget the watermelons and sliced tomatos?...
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Thanks for the ideas. Planning committee meeting in an hour. Now I've got a good list to bring. 

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