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hello, following is my brioche recipe

500 grams flour

15 grams yeast

5 eggs'50-70 grams milk

250 grams butter

salt 14 grams

sugar 70 grams


what should i increase or decrease in my recipe what modification i can make to lessen the price as it is commercial brioche

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Baking butter instead of/as well as normal butter?


Bit difficult to think of ways to save on a product with so few ingredients. Have you looked into dehydrated milk, eggs etc?

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Stop and think.
Brioche is one of those products with no wiggle room.
Good butter with fresh milk and eggs defines it.
If I had to choose I would choose to not make it at all.

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flipflopgirl is right.  


Your recipe is *already* light in terms of butter -- I would go up another 80-90 grams. 


You are, however, way overloaded with sugar!  Cut that back to 25 grams or so.  


The cakey texture and delicate flavor of brioche *depend* on good, fresh butter.  Fresh eggs, too.  Please don't cheap out!

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But.....but WHY!?!?

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