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Sujihiki Shopping

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Hi all,

I'm currently looking for a sujihiki to add to my lineup, I've narrowed down to a few choices so far. I currently own a fair few Japanese knives by Mac and Tojiro and some vintage nogent carbon Sabatiers (TI Elephant ****) I'm looking for something towards the high end and came up with this shortlist:

Masamoto HC 240mm
Misono Swedish Carbon 240mm
Kikuichi Warikomi Gold 240mm OR Kikuichi Elite Carbon 240mm
Masahiro Virgin Carbon 240mm

I've read much praise for the Masamoto HC and the Misono but have found little else about the other choices. Any advice will be very helpful.

There is just so much choice these days it's hard to gauge the relative merits of different knives that are so close in quality. Fit and finish is also an important factor for me.

Also open to alternative suggestions. Many thanks.
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If F&F are important to you, go for the Misono. Masamotos are unpredictable I'm afraid. I would suggest to look for a 270mm as it allows to cut a roast with a single stroke.
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I have wondered about a 270mm but as I only cook for me and my wife I'm never really slicing any substantial sized pieces of meat or fish. I currently use a vintage Sheffield bone handled carving knife which is 240mm and although the steel is average (1930's era stainless) the length for me is no problem, but I'm open to being educated on the advantages of a longer blade if it makes sense for my situation smile.gif I've heard conflicting reports on the fit and finish on the Masamoto HC, some say excellent whereas others say poor for the price. For $230 I don't think it's too much to expect perfect f&f from a knife considering something like a Wusthof for a lot less money has excellent f&f. It's really the Kikuichi and Masahiro knives I would like to know more about, just to see how they stack up and if they are viable options but I've found little detailed information so far. I'm not sure if that's an indicator that they are not good choices or if they just haven't been discussed much on the forum.
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Why not just get a nice custom handle for your vintage Sheffield?
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