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Hey.. Young Chef here.

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My name is darion.. and im a sous Chef and have been for the past year.. I order all the food, Manage staff, Fire and Hire Staff, help try out new menu items... 

Well i currently work in Japanese food and its ehh.. not my style.. I enjoy cooking and love what I do.. But i don't have a passion for that type of food..


My plans is to Save up for 2 years and move to another state then i will have the experience I need to make a good run for a sous Chef else where... I'm currently 23 and i will be 25 when i move... 


I would like to get into french cooking... in a farm to table concept...


I don't have culinary skills... but I've read all the material and then some... Am i making the right move gathering experience? or should i save for a year and just move.. i have a dog and a car payment to take care of also... 

Sorry for the lack of detail by the way. 



But Michigan doesn't have the atmosphere that will push me to hopefully becoming an executive chef one day.. Its just not the place for a serious chef at all.

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I'm confused. You've been a Sous for a year and don't have culinary skills?
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I'm sorry. I've been working in the culinary field for the last 6 years . Starting off as a pizza cook working my way up to night time manager and eventually becoming a sous chef. I have culinary skills just not a degree being I am from a low income family and can't afford to take that rout. So instead of going to school I decided to work my way up the ladder.

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Just apply for a sous position somewhere else after you've been there a year.  Why move unless there really is nothing there?

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There isn't anything here at all. There's no real room for growth .

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