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Hi, im a new user, and I'm looking for a chocolate chip cookie recipe that tastes like Schwans cookies. Anybody whose ever tried them knows that Schwans chocolate chip are the best chocolate chip cookies out there. They are soft, but firm. actually I'm mostly wondering how to get that specific texture in a cookie. all my cookies tend to be too crumbly.

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Given that most of the world has no idea what you're talking about why don't you give us a recipe and see if we can modify it based on the characteristics you want.  If you describe the texture you want maybe we can help.

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Apparently Schwan's is a food service company and you can buy the dough frozen from their website.

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@Hhofent I might suggest that you use the Search Bar at the top of the page

Chocolate chip cookie recipe discussions number over 20,000 here at

Chef Talk over it's life of almost 15 years... above are just two examples...

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