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Two Opportunities

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I have a dilemma. I was offered a position as a sous chef in a hotel here in town. It's specifically in the buffet.

My other job offer is to run the kitchen at Applebee's. I have a bachelor degree in foodservice management. I don't know which to take. Salary difference is literally $1,500 annually.

Anyone have experience with Applebee's - style restaurants? I know what to expect in hotels.

I'm concerned with upward mobility. I don't know what is offe tree d in the way of Applebee's. Any advice?

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No brainier, take the hotel job. You will learn more and have more room for advancement.
Three years at a high volume hotel as a sous looks better on a resume than a line cook at Applebee's .
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The job at Applebee's is the Kitchen Manager position, not line cook.

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Still seems like a no brainer. Take the sous position unless apple bees is the sort of place you want to have to list on a resume
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