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Expanding my knife set.

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Hi everyone! I came to this forums a year ago to pick me a good japanese chef knife. Thanks to your help I decided on the Fujiwara FKM and I'm very very (did I say very?) happy with it. I am a profesional cook and finally I got a good job and well payed (sorta). I'm looking for a small knife (paring or petty) to add to my set, and would like to receive advice and what other knife would be a good adition.




I want to slowly build up to a full 5-6 set of knives. Sorry for my english.

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I would suggest a 150mm petty. If you don't want to stick with the FKM series and try some other steels: the Hiromoto AS is highly regarded. Carbon core with a stainless clad. FKH is a good unexpensive carbon range by Fujiwara. We will explain you how to force a patina on it. If you're into a bit more refinement you may have a look at the Misono Swedish or the stainless 440. I wouldn't pay too much, though. These knives get a lot of use, have a small contact area with the board, will get sharpened a lot and wear out within a few years.

You will need a peeler as well, and both a parer and a petty are poor peelers because of their geometry.

Peelers should have no board contact, so they can hold a crazy sharpness. Have this little monster by Robert Herder, Solingen:
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I use an inexpensive parer to do most rough work, so I can expend a bit on the petty. I would like to know what kind of big knives you use for rough works.



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