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Hello Chefs:


I am planning on opening a QSR to server burritos and tacos similar to Chipotle.  I am seeking menu development for the items below.  I need batch size recipes for items below to serve 200-300 meals a day.  I interested in reviewing various proposals with a price for the full lot.  Please send me proposal or any questions  you may have at



Flour Tortilla (will have tortilla-making machine)

Corn Tortilla


Mexican Rice

Cilantro-lime Rice (or Chef's recommendation)


Black Beans

Pinto Beans


Shredded Chicken (or Chef's recommendation)


Carne Guisada

Fajita Steak

Another chicken option (Chef's recommendation)

A vegetarian option (Chef's recommendation)




Salsas listed from mild to the hottest:

  Pico de Gallo 

  Chipotle Sauce 

  Salsa Ranchera

  Salsa Roja (with guajillo and chile de arbol)

  Habanero Salsa


Mexican donut with powdered sugar sprinkled on top (something similar to a Churro) (or Chef's recommendation)

Chili con Carne (Texas Chili)

Tortilla soup

Nachos Chips