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Bannock recipe?

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Anybody have a particularly good one?
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selkirk or plain?
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Either I guess, I don't know the difference. I'll have to google it wink.gif
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I'd like to recommend F. Marian McNeill's "The Scots Kitchen." Tons of recipes you can make into bannocks which are really just a big round version of a scone cut into wedges. The Selkirk bannock is more of a cake with raisins.

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Here is the decades old boy scout, campfire recipe, from the source shown:


Bannock (Skillet Bread)


1 cup flour

1 tsp baking powder

1 cup water

Dash of salt (abut 1/4 tsp)


The dry ingredients can be sifted together at home, using several times this recipe if the trip is to be of long duration.  It is handy to carry them in a plastic bag.  Before starting to make the bannock, grease the skillet and keep it moderately warm over the fire.  


Put the dry ingredients into a receptacle and quickly mix them with enough water to form a stiff dough.  Before handling the dough, dust hands with some of the flour.  Now mold the dough into a round, flat cake, using as few motions as possible.  Dust the cake with flour and set it in the warm skillet.  Many outdoor cooks poke a hole in the middle of the bannock, with the idea that this cooks it a little faster and provides more crust.  The cake can be of any size, but should not be over an inch thick.


There are several ways to cook bannock over an open fire.  The skillet can be left over moderate heat until the bottom of the bannock is crusted and lightly browned.  Then it can be flipped over to brown the other side.


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