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Hello everyone!

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Excited to join this community - love to see folks engaged in discussion about important chef-y things. ;)


A bit about me: I'm a freelance journalist and have an urban garden called Cannon House Farms in midtown Atlanta. in the past few years I've taken down some trees and other flower bushes to focus on produce. Since then, here's what I have going:


- figs

- blueberries

- grapes

- blackberries

- yellow tomatoes

- basil (and a LOT of it)

- banana peppers

- rosemary

- lime tree (died over this harsh winter but she's making a comeback!)

- carrots

- other herbs


There's more but that's all I can think of right now. 


Just yesterday I harvested a great haul of carrots, which was awesome! the tomatoes are sure to be huge this year, but my basil got zapped by one last frost so I may have to start those again. oh well.


Looking forward to reading up on what everyone is up to. Thanks for reading - what is everyone else growing and do you have any unique strategies? I have many of my tomatoes on a drip-line timer and, with the technology so good these days, it works like a charm and only sips water.


Cheers and happy Memorial Day.



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Aloha, welcome to Chef Talk Will.

A Gardener?  You might want to check out the Chef's Garden forum, there's loads more like mined folk there as well as at Chef Talk's Face Book page, Pinterest and Twitter.

I look forward to seeing some photographs of your handy work.

Once again, welcome. 

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I'll make sure to post some pics very soon! thanks for the tip - much appreciated.


When you get ready to go to Hawaii, take me with you! ;)

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