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Commercial kitchen

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I am in a debate regarding placement of washer & dryer that is proposed to be in an adjacent room to a commercial kitchen in a religious facility.


Are there any rules governing this ? Help !


Thank you

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Hi there!


A little more info would be helpful. What kind/size of appliance are you trying to install? How close is the site to the adjacent facility? How good is the soundproofing? Where is your location?


Most of all, what are your concerns? Is it health code, cost, noise pollution?


Hope I can help.

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Hi there,


Thanks for you response. Basically the said room is on the adjoining room to the kitchen - opposite side of wall.

The proposed room for regular household (not commercial) size washer and dryer is also adjacent to the ballroom.


This room is the ideal room for caterers to do their prep or set up work before entering. My concern is there is a washer dryer installed there it doesn't really make sense for enhancing the use of our kitchens to caterers. We have a catering pool, not a set caterer.


The reasoning behind the proposed location it that it is more convenient for maintenance staff to wash linens.


Hope that explains things a little more, thank you

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Dirty linnens being processed in the catering event setup room would definatly be a no no for me, let alone considering health dept codes.
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