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advise in designing a menu

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hi guys


i am working on a food concept which i need a bit of advise on it. 


i m planning to cook everything on skewers from chicken, lamb, fish, prawns, veggies, and a few other creative things. it is exactly like yakitori cuisine but i will introduce other flavors beside Asian, and go as far as middle eastern and Hawaiian as well.


maybe variety of 12 skewers which people can choose from to serve em on rice, bread or fries, side salad, a bit of dips and some sweets. maybe like a bento box for take away.


my partner believes we need to do something else to make it more interesting and appealing.


it would be good to share your thoughts, in regards skewer ideas or how to serve them.



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Much depends on what format you intend to serve your food in.

Will this be casual street food as in traditional yakitori or a sit down restaurant?

Where will your customers come from; a mall, strip mall, downtown lunch or tourist spot? 

What reputation are you looking for; casual take away, fine dining, somewhere in between? 

     While I enjoy cooking and eating skewered foods, they only seem appropriate to me in a casual setting where it is socially acceptable to pick up the skewer and nibble the food off.

     If the expectation is that a knife and fork will be used to eat the meal, then I usually find it odd to be served food on a skewer only to be expected to have to remove it myself. Is the point of your concept to serve all the food on skewers or will the kitchen be removing the skewers before serving, meaning the skewers will serve mostly as a cooking style? 

Will the skewered foods be covered in sauce at service or will the sauce be on the side for dipping? 

     In any event, having skewered food exclusively would indeed seem to limit your appeal. A group deciding where to eat would by necessity have to all agree to eat skewered foods at your place.  That doesn't seem likely to happen for most groups often enough to support a sit down restaurant, more likely in a location with lots of street traffic or a boardwalk where those who wish skewered foods can indulge while other places will satisfy the other members of the group.

     In keeping with the yakitori style, it seems likely you would be cooking over a charcoal grill and since you are including other cuisines, having other grilled items would be an easy menu expander with little additional effort.  

So without knowing more about your concept, I would have to agree with your partner.

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thanks so much for your advise. this is going to be like a street food. very casual but great.


we planning to have tables and chairs, beer on tap, some wine maybe but not a full bar depending on the size of the premises. everything is getting designed by the architect and we r going to create a brand rather than a single one of shop.


the first shop will be in the city center where there is high food traffic and if it goes great we are planning to hit the shopping centers.


the whole concept is about skewers and even the name.some of the skewers have sauce on the side , some will be dipped in sauce and some have been marinaded in different things in advance.


i don't want obviously bring something completely different to menu which will require other equipment and extra staff. these special gas grill which they have been designed for yakitori in japan are smokeless, and we are going to be working face to costumers so they can see all the action.


serving food on rice, rotti bread or chips with some salads. i came up so far with these ones but what do you thing we can add to make it more appealing and complete. some other items that we can cook them on the grill or other things that can go on the side.


if you tell me what you need to know more, i will explain more clear

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Okay, now your concept makes more sense to me. I  would suggest adding fresh fruit, probably as a dessert item. You could have a grilled fruit kebob, maybe with a yogurt sauce.  In your first post you listed a good variety of kebob choices. You might make two different kinds of rice and possibly some kind of beans, just to expand the starch offering. You list salads as a side so I would offer a salad or two large enough to be an entree as well. 

Otherwise I think you are on the right track. You have enough to start with and you can always add more or take away items as you find out what customers like and don't like. 

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do you think if its a good idea to add other things that are not on skewers on the menu as well, like a minute steak or chicken drumsticks or something else, or they will spoil the whole personality of the consept?


in terms of the sides what else do you think we can use?


now you that you have a picture of consept in your mind, what other ways do you thing we can serve them, i mean beside plating them, like wraping them , ... ?

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Let's review. 

12 different kebobs, sauces, two kinds of rice, side salads and one or two entree salads, fruit, bread, fries and beverages. For a fast casual place I think that's enough to start with. You did not mention serving beef or pork. 

After you open the first location, listen to your customers. If a lot of people keep asking for the same thing, then add it to the menu. When you know what is being ordered and what is not, you can add or subtract what ever you need to. 

If you really have to add another menu item, make it something you already know is easy to make and popular with your customers. I think you are off to a good start. 

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i do have a pork rib skewer maybe with pineapple in between the pork ribs with barbecue sauce


chicken meatball with tare sauce and aioli

plain chicken with lemon

chicken with tare sauce and leek

saffron wings

chicken marinated with yogurt

lamb marinated in yogurt

lamb with mushroom sauce

salmon prawns


veggie skewer

and working on a couple more to add on


this is the whole concept with other things to go with it. what do you think is the best to serve these with.


you know i m trying to create a formula

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you should serve them with whatever people in your area will eat. Anything you can prepare without a lot of extra equipment. What you serve specifically will depend on what part of the world and which culture you open your shop in. You would know better than I do what people in your area will spend money on. Since you are offering foods from different cultures, you can add anything you want from those cultures if people are willing to buy it and eat it.

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What about things that aren't skewered and/or cooked? Salads, hummus, cheese plate, marinated olives/almonds, etc. 

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probably those ones we use as garnish a bit here and there, we use dips and salads for sure


the thing is we dont know if we should add something which is not skewered and still we can cook on grill or not?


or serve the skewers in a different way

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Hi I like the idea that you have and I know everything is skewer based but items like a cheese plate and hummus dips etc. Would also be fine I would imagine. I think adding a fondue experience would probably be a good hit. And another skewer idea would be braised short rib with mushrooms set on mashed potatoes with a little ponzu sauce.
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